Sorry..I am Really Sorry…!!!



Yaaa.. It was my mistake I know and that’s why I am going to say A big Sorry to Him..

Do you know whose this guy???

He is the most handsome guy with 5 feet 9 inches height, 55 kg weight, a long nose, a strong head, spiky hair, talkative eyes(with specks 😛 😉 )…He is the kindest, caring and helpful guy. He is taking all decision from heart and believe in love.

He was my Schoolmate and yes now soul mate also.. 😛

But… but I hurt him a lot..I did it many times but as he loved me a lot he forgave me every time.

But yesterday night I did it again and now he is not talking with me..Don’t know how to say him that It was not was my Hormonal changes and mind swings who shouted on him, irritated him and made him angry..I just Want to say Him..

Baby Do you know it had also made me cry full night 😦 ;-(

I know, you will forgive me because you are so perfect.. you will not be angry with me more because you are so kind.. You Understand me well I know You understand this also…

You are Precious and I don’t want to lose you. You make me alive when I was dying from Inside. I was totally broken you came hug me and made me again perfect. I was praying to god that my heart will not beat more but at that time, you made me feel that your heart beats only for me.

I know, you forgive me because you love me a lot. As you can’t live without me I also can not live without you Because You taught me how to live.

I don’t know I love you or not but I love the Way you love me.. and Please forgive to your love..




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