He Picked me up

As we both were tired and not in a mood to talk,

“Take what’s yours, and go home! will meet Tomorrow!” I said.

He picked me up and started to walk out.

He picked me up-Karishma Nimavat.jpg


A New Part of My Untold Story

new-part-of-her-untold-story -Karishma-Nimavat

“You don’t know how I managed yesterday When I entered, I saw a room filled with too many people, my hand filled with a tray, Some glasses filled with water, Some cups filled with tea, dishes filled with snacks, and after that my mind filled with some scares and my heart with fast heartbeat” I told him Today!

“What scared you the most?” He asked

“Your eyes filled with too much Love and your smile with some flirt” My fear of losing him replied.

એ કાનો…


ક્યારેક રાધા નો પ્રેમ, ક્યારેક મીરા નો શ્યામ તો ક્યારેક યશોદા નો લાલ થયો છે,

આ કાનો બહુરૂપી છે, એ ક્યાં ક્યારેય સાવ કોઈનો થયો છે?