Butterflies in My Stomach When I Think of Him

Mobile, Laptop, Books…
These all I have tried to control my mood swings, Nothing worked…
But When I began to write about him, butterflies started to fly in my stomach…

Mobile, Laptop, Books... These all I have tried to control my mood swings, but nothing worked... And Then Started to write about him and butterflies started to running in my stomach... (


My Dil Goes Hmmmmmmmmm…..

Dil goes-Karishma Nimavat

Karti hun mein jab usse batein lagta hai sone vala hai,
So ke jab bhi wo jage lagta hai rone wala hai,
Pr Chupke se wo aaye, Bina Nind se muje uthaye,
Le bahon me aur khud hi gir jayein…
My Dil Goes Hmmmmmmmmm…..

-A Part of Ongoing Story

A New Part of My Untold Story

new-part-of-her-untold-story -Karishma-Nimavat

“You don’t know how I managed yesterday When I entered, I saw a room filled with too many people, my hand filled with a tray, Some glasses filled with water, Some cups filled with tea, dishes filled with snacks, and after that my mind filled with some scares and my heart with fast heartbeat” I told him Today!

“What scared you the most?” He asked

“Your eyes filled with too much Love and your smile with some flirt” My fear of losing him replied.

એ કાનો…


ક્યારેક રાધા નો પ્રેમ, ક્યારેક મીરા નો શ્યામ તો ક્યારેક યશોદા નો લાલ થયો છે,

આ કાનો બહુરૂપી છે, એ ક્યાં ક્યારેય સાવ કોઈનો થયો છે?